We've had the privilege of working with many incredible businesses, models, photographers, and more throughout the islands. We can't wait to show you the creative work we've come up with collectively. Below are a few of the people we've met and the work we've accomplished with them!

Background photo taken by Chelsie

Models Photographed (left to right): Sara Gatrell  & Jenny Melia


Mother, Entrepreneur, Creator

Tanya Uyehara, the heart and brains behind the brand, not only captures our attention with her elegant and unique jewelry pieces, but her clothing as well.

One thing we love to stand by is mother's in business. It warms our heart to know that the brand name "Laha'ole" itself is named after Tanya's only daughter Pīkake Hepualaha'ole. There are so many reasons why we envy a mother who can raise a family while excelling in business. You feel the sense of love and hard work that comes from everything they produce. To wear a piece from a mother who you know made it to support her family and dreams, it makes you want to wear that piece more and more. 

We were booked to coordinate a photo shoot for this amazing brand's new line of clothing, but what came after that photo shoot is where the bond between our businesses flourished. We were lucky enough to provide models for Laha'ole's First ever fashion show on First Friday of November 2019 in downtown.

More photos from the beautiful Hawai'i State Art Museum runway on our Lookbook page!

Background photo taken by Mark Galacgac

Model photographed: Brandi Baker


Our Beginning

Camille Heung owns a little boutique in Chinatown Honolulu where she sells 'feel good' women's clothing. 

You may have seen the name Valia Honolulu all throughout Hawai'i social media because of how active Camille is in the community and beyond. Hosting numerous pop ups and workshops, actively collaborating with models and potographers, contributing to local non-profits, and selling local brands in store year round. Some of these brands you'll find in Valia come from across our islands such as Ao Organics of the Island of Hawai'i, Kūlua of Maui, and Yireh of O'ahu. That's just a dent in the list of reasons why Valia Honolulu has grown to be an admired shop in it's three years of business thus far.  

This is where MK Hawaii the Brand came to be what it is today! We weren't just hired by Valia Honolulu to assist in coordinating photo shoots, but we were given the opportunity to connect with many of the other local businesses they're connected with as well! For that we are so grateful!

Background photo taken by Taylortonez

Model photographed: Marie

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Kyle Blas is one of the most influential photographers in Hawai'i. Originally coming from Guam, Kyle has definitely made a name for himself on O'ahu. 

Our 2020 - 2021 calendar was inspired by his creative eye. We were so grateful to work with him on not 1, not 2, but 14 out of the 16 months! One thing we noticed while choosing models for him to shoot was the fact that he had already worked with many in the past. Well rounded, versatile, and overall a kind person, his network and positivity is was what made each of our calendar's photo shoots feel more like hanging out with friends rather than doing actual work!

Can't wait to continue to grow alongside this amazing photographer. 

Background photo taken by Kyle Blas

Model Photographed: Natalie Wilbur

Decided it was time for a throwback sinc

Model. Entrepreneur.

Brooke Souza had begun a very promising modeling career and continues to grow her platform through social media. Wanting to share her passion for swimwear she built the brand Boss Babe Bikinis.

One thing that's sure to spark your interest when you oversee her bikini line's Instagram page in particular is the insane amount of support the women of Hawai'i have shown. Not just purchasing from her brand, but taking the time to do photo shoots and giving credit to her brand as well. The skill to market your own business and self brand makes us envy Brooke all the more.

We were happy to include their pieces in a huge photo shoot collaboration we coordinated. We worked with other boss women including spray tan artist Stefani, Lei po'o maker Kaululani, jewelry creator and photographer Chelsie of Elly Rose Jewelry, and the husband and wife videographer & photographer duo, Clara Gomez Photography

Besides the beautiful business owner Brooke, we had a few other models join in on our epic collab as well. Those included Sara, Kiana, and Jenny. We will dedicate a page to Look books of our favorite photo shoots that will be featuring this very shoot! Our first ever group photo shoot!

Background photo taken by Chelsie

Model photographed: Brooke Souza